The second show after 00 touches Zhu Ting without fright: no one wants to be a substitute for the professional team
Lei Hailin serves.The top players provided pictures for the past two seasons. The Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team won the championship first and then took third place.But for the team, the second set position has always been a weak short board.Last season, a critically ordered, let the Beijing team see the dawn of unnecessary short board, that is, the emergence of Lei Hailin after 00.With a blockbuster, the first show was against Zhu Ting. Everything started with the semi-finals of the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team against the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team last season.In the first match, Cai Yaqian, the Beijing team’s second setter, sprained his left foot, causing two ligaments torn and a slight bone fracture.In a stark manner, the 19-year-old second pass Lei Hailin was ordered in critical condition. This is the first show of the post-00 teenager and her first hit.From determining that Cai Yaqian could not play to the first show, Lei Hailin had only two days to adapt to the run-in. “Bold play, just pass the ball according to your own ideas.”This is the only legal instruction given by coach Zhang Jianzhang to Lei Hailin.”A key battle related to whether the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team can enter the finals, Lei Hailin, who debuted for the first time, is faced with the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team with Zhu Ting.”It’s amazing and exciting. It’s my honor to be the captain of the national team and the opposite of the world’s top players.Lei Hailin recalled.Super opponents mean high-intensity scrambling and tight nerves, which led to Lei Hailin’s leg cramps from the beginning of the third game.After a brief adjustment, Lei Hailin continued to overcome leg pain and persisted until the end of the five games.In that game, the five offensive players of the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team were in double figures. This is a great encouragement and affirmation for Lei Hailin in the position of the second set.For a time, the girl after 00 jumped into the public eye.From obscurity to people’s eyes, Lei Hailin’s emergence was not because of her luck, but because she had the opportunity to hold it in front of her.This is Lei Hailin ‘s first year of training with a professional team. In order to improve her skills as soon as possible, she does not hinder the team, and even she has always followed the standards of the main players.Habits, always preparing for being available at any time.Last season, Lei Hailin scored 7 points for his performance.She believes that only with the encouragement of coaches and teammates can she play normally.Lei Hailin delivers the ball.The senior confessed to the picture, “Are I suitable for a career?”First acquaintance with volleyball is still an after-school interest class in primary school.At that time, 9-year-old Lei Hailin was shy and introverted. Lei’s mother hoped to make her daughter more lively and outgoing through sports.In the midst of life, from then on, Lei Hailin’s life was inseparable from volleyball.In the third day, in order to pursue the dream of volleyball, to receive better systematic training and to show himself on a higher platform, Lei Hailin moved from Taiyuan, Shanxi to Beijing, entered Muxiyuan Sports School, and became the reserve army of Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team.Most of the dream chase is long and bumpy, and Lei Hailin is no exception.All along, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team has introduced second sets from the outside, from Sun Wenjing, Ding Xia to Cai Yaqian, while local player Lei Hailin, who also serves as a second set, has always been difficult to debut.In those days, in the face of the fork in life, Lei Hailin always asked himself when he was alone, “Are I suitable for a career?””” “Which way should I go to school and play?””In the process of constant self-doubt, an unexpected appearance, completely pushed Lei Hailin from” behind the scenes “to” in front of the stage. “With no time to consider and no time to be nervous, Lei Hailin used her accumulation and self-confidence, just a few games, to let the coach, the audience, the media, and everyone who follows the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team see her flash point.After the league last season, Lei Hailin finally dispelled her inner doubts. She chose to go down the volleyball path firmly, just like the past ten years.”Volleyball has changed my life, giving me the opportunity to come to Beijing and become a part of my life and gradual development path.Volleyball is my favorite project, especially in the game, when the 6 people on the field cooperate to get a point, accompanied by a cheer from the audience on the field, that kind of excitement and happiness can not be exchanged for others.”Lei Hailin said.Head coach Zhang Jianzhang highly praised Lei Hailin.For the growth and progress of Lei Hailin, Zhang Jianzhang, the head coach of the Beijing Women ‘s Volleyball Team, has always looked at him. In interviews, he has constantly given the honorary figure more practice and hard work.The teenager’s super high evaluation and expectations, he hopes that he can still hold this position next season.Now, the team’s recognition of Lei Hailin is higher, and the time spent on her is also more.During the previous league games, it was often the second set coach Zheng Zongyuan who took the main set pass to pass the ball, including Lei Hailin and several substitute players who sometimes served the ball on the side or did some other training.Now, Zheng Zongyuan spends more time cultivating Lei Hailin.She admits that after Zheng Dao’s on-demand, progress has been renewed, both technically, as well as responsiveness and awareness on the field have greatly improved.From the bench to entering the starting list, Lei Hailin did not have the sense of superiority as a “master”, and it was still the responsibility to feel more.”I’m still a small player, I still have to find a way to improve as soon as possible, play harder and keep up with the tune of the big army.”Lei Hailin said, she also said that the team’s recognition is her motivation.Reaching this year’s goal, Lei Hailin believes that the primary task is to quickly improve all aspects of his ability, including technology, physical fitness and bounce.”Last season, the Nets suffered a lot because of the lack of bouncing, and this year we have to practice more explosiveness.There are also passes and ideas to improve the concealment while ensuring stability, including the fake movements of the hand to go to a high level.”Lei Hailin said.At present, head coach Zhang Jianzhang has arranged a special fitness coach for Lei Hailin and another bench setter. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he trains for one and a half hours of strength, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are interspersed with small strength and mobile training.Now, Lei Hailin has clearly felt the progress.In the future, Lei Hailin hopes to stand on the Beijing team through hard work and transformation, so that the team does not need to introduce a second pass from the outside.”Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu proofreading Wu Xingfa