June 13 or 20?Serie A two restart dates finalized this Thursday
Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Italian football league restarted with twists and turns.Since the Italian Prime Minister Conte announced the suspension of sports activities on March 10, it is today the 77th day of Serie A’s suspension.This Thursday, Serie A will usher in the final decision to restart.On May 24th, AC Milan players returned to the training ground.Figure / Osports In late April, after more than a month of Serie A suspension, Conte announced that under strict replacement of the isolation regulations, resetting will allow clubs to resume training from May 4 and team training from May 18.Therefore, the Serie A League, the Club Medical Staff Association and the Players Association agreed to draft a plan for the safety training regulations, which was submitted by the Italian Football Association but was returned by the Scientific Committee on the grounds that the details were not specific enough.Last week, the medical plan for collective training in Italy finally reached an agreement. Most teams have started training, and the training of the rest of the teams has also begun this Monday.In the face of the imminent restart of Serie A, the Italian Football Association handed over to the Italian Sports Minister Spadafora one day in advance for the safety agreement that was submitted today to resume the game.In an interview, Spadafora revealed that it has received the Serie A restart procedure and is considering two possible dates for the Serie A rematch: June 13 or 20.He also said that at this Thursday’s meeting it will be decided whether and when Serie A will restart.According to foreign media analysis, Serie A may restart more on June 20.Considering that the Italian Prime Minister Conte has signed a new decree: Until June 14, all public or private sports events and competitions will continue to be suspended, foreign media believe that the Italian government is difficult to designate special cases for Serie A.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu