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In the eyes of many people, you are successful, you are more perfect.

But only you know that you have nothing, because the most important health is gone.

So, what should I do to get back to you who is healthy?

In fact, it can be retrieved from the diet.

So, let the editors teach you how to cook Baozi in detail.


I bought fresh loquat leaves and usually put them in the refrigerator. When I use them, I thaw them in advance, and then boil them in water. The leaves are softened so that they do not break easily when used.


The glutinous rice is washed well in advance, control the moisture, mix with salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, salty according to your preference.


The meat is a plum plum that I bought. Because my husband doesn’t like fatty meat, I bought a thin plum plum. The plum plum is also tender. I cut a small piece of about 1 cm into the soy sauce., Ginger, salt, cooking wine marinated for a long time, like sweet can put a little sugar.


Start to wrap, take three to four leaves and fold into a funnel shape, add glutinous rice, then shake it to make the rice more tight, and then put in the meat, a dumpling can put two or three pieces of meat, because I cut the meat into small piecesI put three pieces.


After placing it, compact the rice and turn the leaves around, 6.

Start to go around the mule, naturally formed.


That’s it 8.

Wrap the tail around the triangle, then take a leaf and press the tail around the sharp corners.


That’s it for now.

Do not cut off the tail of the leaves and wrap around the top.

Finally tie it with cotton thread.

You should learn how to use the detailed method of Bao Zongzi introduced today!

Once you understand the method, it is more important to practice it, so that you can make your cooking more exquisite, and you can achieve more delicious food. Act quickly