“Toy Story 4” became Pixar’s 10th Oscar-winning animated feature film
On February 10th, the 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony was held in Los Angeles, USA. “Toy Story 4” won the Oscar for best animated feature film.It is reported that “Toy Story 4” is the fourth movie in the “Toy Story” animation series, directed by Josh Cooley, dubbed by Tom Hanks and Anne Potts.It won the best animation long distance, which also means that the series has been successfully completed, and the three directors came to the stage to express their emotions: “We are very grateful, thank all the crew, thank the Academy for letting us get this in the crowd.An achievement.”Toy Story 4″ is a family carnival movie. Our movie belongs to the family. This is for children. I love you.”In 1995,” Toy Story “was released worldwide, and this animated movie opened a 3D technology revolution, with 3.The $ 600 million refreshed the box office record and made a small workshop called “Pixar” famous overnight.So far, the 35-year-old Pixar animation has won the Oscar for the best animated feature film 10 times, namely: “Nemo”, “Superman”, “Food Story”, “Robot Story”, “Flying””A Tour of the House”, “Toy Story 3”, “Brave Tales”, “Agents of the Mind”, “A Dream Tour”, “Toy Story 4”.Since the premiere of “Toy Story 4”, it has received a very high reputation. The freshness of rotten tomatoes was once as high as 100%, and it is still maintained at 98%.9 on IMDb.0 points, even the always harsh meta-score has a high score of 84 points.During these nine years, director Josh Curry, like most people, once thought that “Toy Story 3” was the end of the whole series.Fortunately, he no longer shoots the sequel, but he has a new idea. “I think this ending is just the end of the story between Hudi and Andy. Just like life, every end is a new beginning.But Hu Di hasn’t got the final answer yet. He arrived in a new room, surrounded by new toys and new owners . These are things we haven’t seen before.So, how all this will unfold and become an interesting story worth exploring.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin