2015 Australian Open-Peng Shuai returned to the top 32 after 4 years and swept his opponent Lebarikova
Beijing time on January 21st (Melbourne local time on the 21st) news, the 2015 Australian Tennis Open began the third day of competition.The 21st seed of the tournament, Jinhua Dumiao Peng Shuai played well, issued 6 aces, 6-1 / 6-1 horizontal sweep player Lebarikova, after 2011, returned to the Australian Open 32 again.After Peng Shuai won the first round of the Australian Open, the only Chinese player left was Peng Shuai.In the match between the first game and the qualifier Maria, Peng Shuai once applied for a medical suspension due to unwell left thigh.In this field, her left thigh was still bandaged, but it did not have a great impact on Jinhua’s performance.Her opponent in the second round was Lebarikova, now ranked 47th in the world.The only confrontation between the two Air Forces dates back to 2006, when Peng Shuai won.  At the beginning of the game, Peng Shuai quickly entered the state, straight four-point guard, and resolved two points in the opponent’s serve game, consecutive four-point break success.Jinhua, who has a good serving status, issued two aces in the third inning to ensure a smooth service and obviously suppressed his opponent in momentum.In the fourth inning, Peng Shuai continued to pressure his opponent, broke the second time successfully, and soon expanded his advantage to 5-0.Jinhua tried to make a quick decision, but Lebarikova also refused to swallow the eggs. The two sides started a tug of war in the sixth inning, so people struggled to save 4 counts and struggled to maintain their hair.Peng Shuai has also faced some challenges in serving the game since then, and once faced two break points, but she still calmly resolved, seizing the opportunity on the eighth inventory, 6-1 next city.  In a set, Peng Shuai did not relax in the slightest. In the first set of the second set, he broke the break point again 40-15, and the sharp backhand crossed the winning cash.After the split test, Peng Shuai broke twice in the third inning and started again 3-0.Jinhua once 15-40 her own serve game, but she calmly resolved the break crisis, and scored four points, using ace to win the game, the advantage was further expanded.After each game, the game came to Lebarikova’s indispensable service. After 30 draws, Peng Shuai first got the opponent’s mistakes in the middle of the multi-shot and got the match point. Then she experienced unremitting running., The slash in front of the net cashed out, winning another set 6-1 and advancing to the top 32.Peng Shuai’s opponents in the third round will be between Shevdova and Puig.(Chen)